Draw and Tell Stories for Kids 7 : Draw Me a Story Volume VII

Draw and Tell Stories for Kids 7 : Draw Me a Story Volume VII


Draw and Tell Stories for Kids 7, Volume 7 in the multi-volume Draw Me a Story series, contains twelve fun " draw and tell stories " to help you round out your library storytelling sessions or introduce new topics to children at school or at home and entertain children. You'll find an Aladdin's lamp draw and tell story, a carnival barker story, a cat draw and tell story, a crown draw and tell tale, a dinosaur draw and tell story, and draw and tell stories about dolls, flowers, horses, Native Americans, desert islands, trains, and and even a draw and tell story about the flag of the United Kingdom.As with all of Barbara's other draw and tell story collections, this draw and tell story collection includes clear instructions and traceable drawings, plus an informative guide to using the lively and time-honored draw and tell storytelling technique.Draw and tell stories are simple stories for young children. These drawing tales are very easy to use and require no special materials or experience. As each draw and tell story is told, its characters and objects are sketched onto a single sheet of paper, while children look on. These simple elements build up on the drawing until, by the time the story ends, a composite picture representing the subject of the story has emerged, much to the children's delight.The draw and tell form of storytelling is great for parents, teachers and children's librarians. Author Barbara Freedman-De Vito has been creating and using draw and tell stories for many years in her work as a children's librarian, freelance storyteller, teacher, and workshop leader.Please do an AMAZON SEARCH for " Barbara Freedman-De Vito " to find all of Barbara's collections of Draw and Tell stories, plus her illustrated picture books for children, each of which also contains a bonus draw and tell story related to the theme of the picture book.Also, you can visit: www.babybirdproductions.com to see samples from Barbara's stories, plus clothing and gift items decorated with her designs, informative articles for parents, and more.

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Barbara Freedman-De Vito
Paperback | 60 pages
216 x 280 x 3mm | 163g
Publication date
25 Dec 2016
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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